Coleshill Town Band

Coleshill Youth Brass

Our story

Coleshill Youth Brass is a brass band formed up of young players. With ages ranging 9 -18 years, the players come from all over the midlands to congregate every Friday to make music together. Coleshill Youth Brass has been operating since 2004 when it was know as “Coleshill B Band.” Since then Coleshill Youth Brass has progressed both musically and professionally, and now are playing in their own paid concerts.

Coleshill Beginner Brass
In 2006 the youth brass had progressed to such a standard a feeder band was needed: Coleshill Beginner Brass. This new founded band was formed to introduce even more young players to the Coleshill Town Band system. Coleshill Youth Brass assisted in the introduction of brass playing to the Beginner Brass when the first “Make Music Workshop” was launched back in September 2006. Since then Beginner Brass made impressive progress meaning some of the beginner brass players had moved up into youth brass. This gave us chance to introduce more young players to the Coleshill town band setup in the workshops from 2008 and 2009.